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Our Aim
To conserve our planet's most precious resources - water, air, soil and energy through 360° environment solutions...

Raw Water Treatment

  • Chlogen

    Reliable and cost-effective disinfection system produces chlorine dioxide safely and efficiently. Gas and acid-based production technologies, high chlorine dioxide generation efficiency, low chlorine residual. HAZOP study conducted. Easy to use with low maintenance and operating control. Ideal for drinking water treatment, disinfection in cooling circuits, process and waste water as well as swimming pools.

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  • Indchlor

    An on-site integrated system which produces oxidants from salt water feed for disinfection of water. The electrolytic cell is at the heart of the system and the disinfectant is produced by electrolysing salt solution. Designed for continuous operation, except during cleaning and maintenance, it can produce a maximum of 0.8 kg mixed oxidants. Ideal for drinking water treatment, swimming pool treatment and applications in industrial process as well as cooling water treatment.

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  • Ozonator

    Range of products varies from small lab generators generating 4 gm/h to large XF generators generating over 97 kg/h from a single unit. The product range also includes innovative ozonators for high purity application which generates ozone from pure water. The range also includes containerised ozone generator system capable of generating over 250 kg/h.

  • UV System

    Wide range of speciality UV systems includes low and medium pressure UV systems for applications ranging from general water disinfection and drinking water disinfection to high purity water disinfection, TOC reduction and deozonation.

  • ClO2

  • Ultra High Rate Clarifier

    Compact, efficient, low cost clarifier combines technologies and advantages of solids contact clarifier and lamella clarifier, with enhanced performance at increased rise rate.

    Combines mixing, reaction-flocculation, clarification, and sedimentation/sludge removal and recirculation in a single treatment basin for maximum treated water production in minimal space. Handles high inlet suspended solids load upto 3000 ppm while giving consistent treated water quality of <20 ppm.

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  • High Rate Solids Contact Clarifier

    High performance clarifier incorporates design of internal solid recirculation, optimising chemical consumption and making it more economical than conventional clarifiers. Works on principles of coagulation/flocculation and hydraulic separation to produce clarified water of the highest quality; flash mixer, flocculation and thickener mechanism are inbuilt. They reduce chemical requirement, save space and are easy to operate.

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  • Lamella Clarifier

    Series of inclined plates (lamellae) achieve effective solid-liquid separation. Large settling surfaces concentrated within relatively small floor area, so for same liquid flow, occupies 1/10th footprint of conventional clarifier. Laminar, stable flow and excellent effluent quality; modular design, no moving paths, removable plates can be lifted easily and cleaned with operation shutdowns.

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  • Lampak

    Compact, packaged, containerised system incorporates mixing, flocculaton, clarification and filtration in a single unit. It is designed to treat raw surface water having total suspended solids (TSS) as high as 500 mg/l. A single module of INDION Lampak can produce 25 m3/h and is suited for community requirements, small villages, housing colonies, military establishments, etc.

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  • Multi Grade Filter / Pressure Filters

    Depth filters for removal of suspended solids and turbidity using coarse and fine media mixed together in a fixed proportion. The specially graded sand media produces a filter bed with adequate pore dimensions to retain both large and small suspended particles. This filter performs at a substantially higher specific flow rate than conventional filters. Specific flow rates of 15-30 m/h have been successfully obtained for treating water containing 25-50 ppm suspended solids to produce filtrate with less than 5 ppm.

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  • Activated Carbon Filters

    Granular activated carbon are ideally suited for dechlorination of water with free chlorine content, deodourisation, decolourisation and removal of organic matter. The free chlorine is reduced to "not detectable" levels.

  • Continuous Sand Filter

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  • Automatic Valveless Gravity Filter

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  • Filter Pak