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Our aim
To conserve our planet's most precious resources - water, air, soil and energy through 360° environment solutions...


General Brochures

Ion Exchange Corporate Brochure
Ion Exchange Corporate Flyer
Ion Exchange 24 X 7 Comprehensive Services
Ion Exchange Solutions for Residential & Commercial Complexes
Ion Exchange Solutions for the Rural Segment
Hydramem Membranes
Indion Resins
Food & Beverage
Powerfuel Advantage
Lab Q - Laboratory Water Makers Series

Specialty Process Chemicals & Enzymes

Indion Filtration Chemicals
Ionref Hydrocarbon Process Chemicals
Indion Specialty Chemical Treatment Programs

Raw Water Treatment

Indion Activated Carbon Filters
Indion Automatic Valveless Gravity Fiters
Indion Chlogen - Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Indion Continuous Sand Filters
Indion High Rate Solid Contact Clarifier
Indfloc Solid - Liquid Separation Solutions
Indion Lamella Clarifier
Indion Lampak
Indion Multigrade Filters / Pressure Filters
Indion New Generation Manual & Auto Carbon Filtersr

Process Water Treatment

Indion Deiomatic CA50
Indion Deiomatic MB150
Indion Elegant - Industrial Range
Indion Hemo - Ultrapure Water for Artificial Kidney Dialysis
Indion High Purity Water Systems
Indion Industrial Downflow Softners
Indion NG Auto & Manual Softeners
Indion NG Elegant
Indion Swift 5GX
Indion Swift Plus Deminalizer

Complete Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) - Rupee
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) - Dollar
Indion Multi Effect Evaporator
Indion PF/DT Reverse Osmosis
Indion PFDT Reverse Osmosis System_Distillery
Indion PFDT Reverse Osmosis System_Pharma

Waste Water Treatment: Decentralized Systems

Indion Fuidised Media Reactor - FMR
Indion New Generation Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants - NGPSTP
Indion Membrane Bio reactor - MBR
Indion IPC MBR
Indion Eco MBR
Indion Sequencing Batch Reactor - SBR

Solid Waste Management: Decentralized Systems

Andicos Waste to Energy

Drinking Water: Decentralized Systems

Indro 401
Indromatic 400 Series
Indromatic 800 Series
Indion Disaster Management Mobile Unit
Indion New Generation Iron Removal Filter - NGIRF


Analytical Instruments for Monitoring Water Quality
Indion Ecoserve - Vehicle Wash Water Recycle System
Indion Easy Test Kits
2 Wire Transmitter - CX105
2 Wire Transmitter - TX105